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When an electical outage occurs, you have to act fast. Depending on the type and source of the outage, critical equipment can suffer catastrophic damage if action isn’t taken immediately to protect your systems. We can help.

  • 24 hour emergency on-call service
  • Determination of utility or switchgear failure
  • Isolation of critical systems and equipment
  • Temporary power (Generator or Backup feed)
  • Restoration and/or repair of tripped main gear
  • Failure analysis


Identification and remediation of potential failures saves time and money. Schools can ill-afford to lose instructional time due to outages;

  • Backup generator service and maintenance
  • Switchgear and distribution panel service
  • Thermal imaging to detect problem areas before they fail
  • Large frame multiple horsepower motors
  • Frequency drives


The most critical aspect of facility management is the maintenance of life safety systems. Licensed and certified, we are here to help ensure those systems are operating at peak performance.

  • Fine alarm system construction, testing, inspection, and repairs
  • Exit and emergency lighting installation and maintenance
  • Intercom and door entry systems
  • Security and video surveillance systems


As a top level lighting contractor, MECO is positioned to provide you with the very best in lighting products and services.

  • Fleet of boom trucks for exterior lighting
  • Cutting edge LED solutions for every lighting application
  • In-house scaffolding and scissors lift equipment
  • Industry leading warranty